Top 10 Ultimate Apps Like Google Voice

top 10 apps like google voice

To run a successful business these days, it is important that your company is equipped with an efficient and reliable VoIP service. Upon start-up, majority of small businesses turn to Google Voice in order to enjoy free voice calls, video calls, and texts. However, in order to grow business and build recognition internationally, companies usually search for the best alternatives to Google Voice.

There are several VoIP service providers that offer plenty of useful and exciting features that you don’t get with Google Voice. These features help to increase user convenience and improve customer satisfaction. Today, we will be looking at the top 10 apps like Google Voice.

What are the Top 10 Apps Like Google Voice?

Read down below to find out more.

1. Caller Suite

The very first option on our list for top 10 apps like Google Voice is Caller Suite, as it is one of the best VoIP service providers on the market these days. Caller Suite’s Cloud-based PBX & IVR System allows users to enjoy high-quality, local and international calling at very affordable rates. Also, you can get your own business phone services, and enjoy tons of amazing features such as mobile PBX, call routing, call recording, call forwarding, and much more.

Featuring first-class support and an easy-to-use interface, Caller Suite allows you to have both local and toll-free numbers in more than 80 countries. It is one of the most preferred choices for small businesses, as it allows them to build a brand reputation and make international communication much easier and affordable. You can sign up with Caller Suite anytime to avail their free 15-day trial.

2. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular VoIP service providers these days.  A lot of start-ups and small businesses make use of WhatsApp, as it allows you to send messages over the internet, and make calls absolutely free of charge.

Once the app is installed on your phone, you can easily start sending and receiving calls, messages, documents, and voice recordings over the app. However, in order to send and receive texts and calls over WhatsApp, the other party needs to have Whatsapp installed on their phone as well.

3. Telzio

Telzio is another decent alternative for Google Voice. This cloud-based system can be expensive, or cheap, as per the customer’s need. It is a good choice for companies that are trying to increase their customer base but want to maintain a low call volume.

Telzio charges its customers by the minute and allows for unlimited users. The features that they offer include call forwarding to local numbers and landlines, call recording, a web-based control panel, and IVR menus. It is also possible to include a toll-free or fax number for just $5 a month

4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is another Google Voice alternative that offers flexibility, convenience, and plenty of useful features for their users. This service allows the customers call to connect directly to the right person the first time, which helps improve customer experience.

Other than this, it also offers regular features such as remote functionality, greetings, employee extension number, auto-attendant, and more. Grasshopper offers a 7-day free trial for new customers. Though their service is a bit on the expensive side, they do offer quality service.

5. Skype

Created in 2003, though Skype is considered as one of the older apps, it still has a very large client base. Skype offers a lot of useful features that can be used on mobile devices and laptops. The app is best known for its online video calling feature. Other than this, you can also send and receive texts and calls.

In order to connect with another user via Skype, it is necessary that the other party has skype app installed on their phone/computer as well. Overall, Skype can work as a good Google Voice alternative as long as you have a fast, reliable internet connection.

6. Line 2

Line 2 is another VoIP service provider that is similar to Google Voice. This app can be accessed on mobile phones, and only requires 3 quick and easy steps to get the app running. Their business plan includes a complete phone service solution that comes with unlimited text and calling features in the US and Canada for a fixed monthly price.

7. Mighty Call

Next up on our list is Mighty Call, which is another virtual phone system providing app-based or calling using any device. Along with voicemail transcription and text messaging, it also provides toll-free or local numbers. Furthermore, it also comes with an auto-attendant and agent availability feature.

Their plan pricing starts at $29.99 per month. You don’t need any hardware to start using this system which makes it a good choice for small businesses that are looking for an easy to set up VoIP service.

8. Open Phone

One Phone is a good choice if you have just started your business, and are looking for a good VoIP service that offers affordability, easy contact and voicemail management, and other useful features, then Open Phone might work for you.

It allows professionals and businesses to use their business phone number from their mobile phones, which cuts out the need for a separate sim card or service provider. With Open Phone, you can use your local phone number and run your business with ease.

9. Burner

Burner claims to be the ‘Second Phone Number App’ for texting, calling, and at the same time, helping you keep your original number secure. It allows you to get as many local numbers as you want in any Canadian or U.S area code. You are just required to register for an account and choose the area code. It is a good option for you if you want to send texts and make calls without revealing your real identity.

10. Vumber

Last, but not least, Vumber is another VoIP service provider that allows you to choose a phone number from any area code. If anyone calls your virtual phone number, your phone will ring like a normal call. If you receive a call, you have the option to answer it, play a specific tone, send it to voicemail, or put it on hold.

Vumber is a good choice for you if you are looking for a virtual Canadian phone number. This app only supports Canadian and U.S. numbers by forwarding numbers.


Though Google Voice can work as a very useful tool for the ones searching for a service that allows you make free calls, businesses that are trying to grow require a VoIP service that will make their work easier by offering features such as custom greetings, call forwarding, auto attendants and more.

The service providers we have mentioned above will help you to find the best VoIP service provider that will not only save your personal information but also provide you with various additional features.

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