What is an IVR System? Getting Started with Automated Phone System

What is an IVR System? Getting Started with Automated Phone System

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response which is an automated phone system for businesses to assist their callers. It routes the incoming calls to appropriate channels. Thus, reducing the time it would take to identify the purpose of calling. Caller Suite provides an IVR system for both small and large enterprises without breaking your bank.

How does an IVR or Automated Phone System work?

When a caller connects with the customer service or call center, an IVR system guides them in identifying their purpose before eventually being transferred to a human operator. This streamlines incoming calls which help companies sort the influx of inquiries or complaints. Small businesses usually follow a basic IVR program where they re-route calls to relevant operators or have record automated voicemail messages and route calls. On the other hand, some company’s allow access to the database and have CRM integration as well. Furthermore, they can also add reporting and bill processing options too.

IVR System

In terms of technology, IVR can be of two types of systems, DTMF or Voice recognition.

Caller Suite provides both.

What do you need to set-up Caller Suite IVR System?

Ideally, you would purchase the service of the company to set up the system on your business’s number. There is little to no hardware required for installation and minute maintenance or upkeep depending on the service you choose to acquire. Here is a list of common requirements:

  • A network of TCP/IP: Inter and Intranet connectivity is essential for an IVR system and this network provides that facility.
  • Databases: IVR applications require real-time data and information to function.
  • Application/Web server: the housing of the IVR system and its software. These have different types of applications designed to perform various functions.

What are the different types of IVR?

There are two basic types of IVR, inbound and outbound IVR.

Inbound IVR is when a caller dials a particular number and is met by a recorded message instructing them to choose their preference. It provides a menu to go over until the caller is connected to the relevant operator.

Outbound IVR is when a company or a business sends out a pre-recorded message or advertisement to be played over as soon as the call is received.

There are other various types of IVR systems available now as they can be designed and developed according to your company’s needs.

Here are some examples of case related IVR systems:

  • Call Centers IVR – assists call centre in handling incoming calls more effectively.
  • Self-Service IVR – common questions answered by IVR through recorded messages. Moreover, informative and clear messages, step by step instructions and tutorials can also be added into the system.
  • 24hours IVR – if the nature of the service has a fixed pattern, then it can be made available outside of business hours.
  • Call Routing IVR – Streamlining callers to specific operators or departments is one of the most effective IVR systems in the market.
  • Sales through IVR – businesses can easily advertise new schemes through a targeted IVR system
  • Obtaining of Real-time Data – Simple information can be retrieved through IVR systems such as cinema timing, mall or store opening hours, or bank account balance.
  • Password Reset IVR – the IVR service can provide authentication for the caller and help them reset passwords, or make any other changes in their accounts.

Benefits of Caller Suite IVR System:

Better Customer Care Experience

Immediate response to a caller is the ultimate hallmark of good customer service. Without making them wait, you immediately create a feeling of satisfaction in the customer’s mind. From there, they have to press the right buttons to reach the respective operator.

Unlimited Customer Access

Nothing appeals more to a customer than 24/7 service. That means they can call in the middle the night and still be assisted. Moreover, this ensures your business is always approachable and is never disconnected from their clients.


One of the best features of an IVR system is that can be specified and designed according to your needs. For example, each caller can be identified by the caller ID and then names in the personalized greeting. Furthermore, it is also applicable to wishing clients or employees birthdays and anniversaries.
In addition to this, multiple language selection menus can also be added when it has been identified that the call is from outside the country.
The most common benefit under personalization would be of eventually transferring calls to corresponding departments.

Better Image of Your Company

Not only does IVR make the company look professional, but it also helps in establishing an image. If you are a small business, then it will give the illusion of being popular and having a big customer base. However, if your company is already big, then this sets a tone with the client. It can show them that despite being busy, you still care enough to create a system for their inquiries

Maximizing Profits for the Company

In 2020, as the world lives through a global pandemic and practices distancing, it has become normal that business and meetings are conducted either on the phone line or through video conferencing. A lot of businesses lose potential clients over the phone as they have to deal grumpy or uncooperative staff.
Caller Suite IVR provides virtual receptionists in place of that. This significantly reduces expenditure, which is helpful if you are a new company.

Increase in Production

A good IVR system is not only essential for the business, but it is also for the caller. After being satisfied with the service provided, a customer is likely to repeat the process if they want to remain being looked after. Thus, increasing traffic and the scale of your profit.

Free of Errors

This benefit is one of the best examples of man vs. machine. Here, clearly the machine won. If the responses are automated and pre-recorded, it is likely to provide a hassle-free transaction. A traditional receptionist. The high volume of calls tends to be a burden on the receptionist.
Resultantly, among the mountain of calls, many up at the wrong line. This is apart from the long waiting time.

Operational Costs Reduced

IVR systems replace many middleman jobs like receptionist, customer service agents, floor agents, shift managers, and on-site operators. The hiring of this magnitude might not be possible for a small startup company. Hence, by purchasing an IVR system, the overall cost is worth every penny.

Advanced Speech Recognition

Apart from single words, voice prompts can be used by the caller to indicate their purpose or intent of calling. This ensures a fast and quick response to their queries. IVR phone system directs the caller to their preferred channel with these effective techniques.

Survey for Improvement

Conducting surveys was a boring and tedious task in the past. Even today much of the developed world has shifted to online surveys. But, that is also time-consuming. A simple IVR service would resolve these issues by introducing caller experience ranking based on DTMF recognition. This means the system identifies the touch tones on your dial pad to mark which choice you made. It is very important to log the satisfaction of your customers if you plan on improving your company.

Hassel-Free Menu

Despite IVR systems providing a vast variety of options and services to choose from, it is advisable not to complete things for the average caller. Many people struggle to hear automated responses clearly and might end up choosing the wrong options. The average person also suffers from anxiety while following the instructions being provided on an IVR line. This is because they feel a machine is simply programmed to perform certain tasks and would not understand minor errors. It is recommended to only keep 2 phase menus to avoid confusion.

Take Away:

Any business that plans on progressing in the modern world, requires an IVR system to handle incoming calls. Caller Suite provides an economical solution whether you’re a small or large enterprise. It plays a custom greeting of your choosing and offers a menu to select from based on your customer’s needs. Make the smart choice and start your free trial now.

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