How Much Does an IVR System Cost in 2021?

How Much Does an IVR System Cost in 2021

With the advancement in technology, people have become less burdened, as most of the tasks that were once performed manually are now performed via tech gadgets and innovations. If you’re someone whose business office is over-burdened with call load, then there’s a solution for you too.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response offers an effective and affordable way to manage the volume of calls that your business center receives. However, setting it up can cost you thousands of dollars. Today I will be showing you how to get it for dirt cheap-literally less than 20$.

Read down below to find out the best affordable IVR system option for your business that not only comes at a great price, but also with more advanced features as compared to the old expensive IVR systems.

What is IVR Automation?

An Interactive Voice Response System is an automated telephonic service that makes use of automated or recorded voice messages to interact/communicate with callers. This system is widely used by businesses as it is very convenient.

The callers are provided with an automated menu. They can use their phone’s keyboard to input response, which in return helps them connect to the agent that deals with their query or area of concern.

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On the other hand, if the caller is not comfortable speaking to an agent, he/she can also help make use of self-service. With the help of automated response, callers can complete tasks without having to interact with an agent.

The older IVR set-ups only made use of the key pressing technique to allow customers to interact with the system. However, with the advancement in technology, Cloud IVR allows the system to use artificial intelligence and intelligent voice recognition as well.

How much does an IVR system cost normally?

Quoting a specific cost for an IVR system can be a little tricky because it depends on the company’s size, installation cost, number of lines you need, and the features that are integrated into the system. It also depends on the billing process of the company that you sign up with. Hence, the cost basically depends on several factors. However, it is possible to provide a rough estimate.

If you run a small business, then the system might cost you somewhere around $1,500 per line.

As for mid-size businesses, the cost is obviously more. Depending on the features, you might need to pay tens to hundreds of dollars for a good and reliable IVR system.

A large business might need to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars. However the more lines you add, the lesser the cost you will need to pay overall.

Other than this, there are companies that charge their users by bundling IVR with other pre-existing services, whereas others charge the IVR users by the minute. Every plan comes with its own perks and downsides. Hence, the overall choice should be made keeping the company’s needs and budget in mind.

Although an IVR system can be a costly investment for some businesses, it is possible to recoup the cost with the right strategies in the long run. Investing in IVR will allow you to reduce hefty phone bills and with an automated system, you might need to hire fewer employees in the office.

[$13/Month] IVR system with Caller Suite

Caller Suite offers a cloud-based PBX & IVR system for businesses. It offers several multi-level features such as custom greetings, call recording, and voicemail. Since it is a cloud-based system, the users also get the option to make and receive calls through different devices such as laptops and tablets, if they don’t have a phone in hand or are not in the office.

$13 per month ivr system with callersuite

IVR system with Caller Suite is not only reliable and effective but also very affordable as compared to other options available in the market. Users get the option to choose between monthly, quarterly, and a bi-yearly plan. Each plan comes with a bunch of useful features.

Caller Suite can help you build a strong brand reputation. It is fairly easy to set up, and the system is reliable, hence you don’t need to worry about running into any unforeseen technical issues. The system also helps businesses keep a record of the callers, product sales, and customer issues.

Benefits of IVR System

If you are planning to invest in something, it’s natural to be curious about the advantages it will provide you with. There are many benefits that come with investing in an IVR system. A few of them are:

  • Operation costs reduction–Since you won’t need to hire human receptionists and agents, it will help you save the unnecessary cost of hiring extra staff.
  • Better brand image–A good reputation is the ultimate goal of every business. This system can help your business appear more professional.
  • Better customer experience–Thanks to 24/7 service, customers can get the information they need at any hour of the day.
  • Resolve issues faster–The system quickly redirects the caller to the agent or employee that they wish to speak to. This makes the whole process hassle-free.
  • Helps boost sales–It helps increase sales demographic of both small and large-sized businesses.


There’s no doubt that the right IVR system can help you optimize your business to a great extent. It helps save time and money, and it’s a great solution for growing businesses. Though a low-price deal might sound like a catch, it is very important that you choose a well-reputed provider that suits your business needs.

Caller Suite ensures customer satisfaction and offers the best available features. It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to build a smooth bridge of communication between your business and your customers. You can quickly get the system set up and running by signing up for a free trial with Caller Suite today.

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