How to Call UK from India or Vice Versa using Caller Suite

How to Call UK from India or Vice Versa using Caller Suite

Traditional phone systems not only offer limited features and advantages but also make it much more expensive to make international calls. However, with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to shift to cheaper and more efficient options. 

International calling is not the same as local dialing which is why you cannot just type the number and press the dial button to make the call. Today, we will be talking about how you can call the UK from India and vice versa. Read down below to find out more.

VoIP Options

One of the most convenient ways to make international calls is through VoIP. VoIP can not only benefit individuals but also businesses that need to make international calls regularly.

VoIP services allow users to make calls via the internet, using any gadget that uses the internet such as your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Several VoIP service providers allow you to open your account and start making calls easily. However, most of the VoIP services require you and your contacts to download the app to make and receive calls. They need to be logged into the app to connect with you for free.

So, what about the ones that don’t have access to an internet connection or a smart device with the same VoIP service as you? How do you call your old folks who are not familiar with the new technology? What about your business clients that don’t make use of the same VoIP service?

Using Caller Suite for Calling UK from India and Vice Versa 

Caller Suite allows you to make cheap international calls using any device that connects to the internet, which could be your iPhone, Android phone, iPad. All you are required to do is to register and follow a quick and easy process to start making international calls within minutes. Also, there is no app requirement for you or the other party in order to connect.

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Sign up today to check out the innovative, cloud-based, and affordable call plans. If you own a business and need to make international calls every now and then, you might want to consider this option as it will help you save a lot on hefty phone bills.

Moreover, business phone numbers from Caller Suite can enhance your brand image, and work as a great alternative for traditional calls. The advantages and features you get with this service are enormous.  

How to call the UK from India and vice versa using Caller Suite?

The process is quite simple. To start using Caller Suite, you will first have to Sign up and set up the system. Once the sign up is complete, it is quite easy to make international calls.

Once you are logged into the dashboard, open the contact list option and choose the number you want to call, and click on the call button. To call the UK from India you need to enter India’s dialing code, UK’s country code (+44), and the area code.

            So, the number you need to dial on your smartphone is 00+44+ UK area code+ UK number.

On the other hand, if you wish to call India from the UK, you would be required to enter UK’s dialing code, India’s country code (+91), and the area code.

            So, the number you need to dial on your smartphone is 00+91+ India area code+ India number.

If it is a number that is not saved on the system, you can easily do so by clicking on the “add to contacts” button. Type in the person’s name and number including the dialing code.

Once you have saved the contact it appears on your contact list. Clicking on the call button will allow you to select the number that you wish the caller to see, this could be your India number, UK number, toll-free number, or your toll-free business number, depending on the number you bought prior from Caller Suite. This number appears to the party receiving the call.

Once you choose your number you want to use for the call, click on the call icon and the call would be connected. You can check the call duration and call rate from the dialog box on the screen.


A good VoIP service not only makes it easier for you to connect with people around the globe but also makes it so much affordable and convenient to make local and international calls.

Caller Suite offers super affordable plans that come with plenty of exciting features. Depending on your need and budget you can choose between the monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly plans. Head over to the website today to sign up for a free 15-day trial.

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