Why You Need a Business Phone Number?

Why You Need a Business Phone Number?one Number?

Credibility forms the foundation of any business. You could have the most innovative idea on the market, but the lack of professionalism in your marketing and operating strategy is what can set you back.

What you need to do is brand your business with professional elements – one of which is a business phone number.

What Is A Business Phone Number?

A business phone number is a phone number associated with your business. It forms a part of your company’s overall branding along with email addresses, fax numbers, etc. A business number thereof forms a portal for communication between consumers and business representatives.

Statistics have shown that consumers are more likely to contact a business via their listed phone number rather than any other form of communication. It provides timely correspondence and assistance. Hence, a business phone number is a crucial element in making your business appear more professional.

Business phone numbers can be:

Local Numbers Toll-Free Numbers Both
Area-specific numbers that begin with a region particular area code. Country-specific numbers that begin with a country’s international dialing code. Some companies choose to offer both local and toll-free numbers for regional and international customers.
The customer will be charged by his or her cellular service provider when placing a call. The customer will not be charged by his or her cellular service provider when placing a call. Charges depend on which number a customer calls.
Preferred by small businesses operating in limited areas. Preferred by larger corporations operating to a wider customer base. Establishes a business’ credibility as well as shows professionalism.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Your Number As Your Business Number?

  1. If you list your phone number as your business phone number, you’re limiting your business’ customer support portal to a single device. This increases the likelihood of failing to respond which sets a bad reputation.
  2. You’ll virtually never be ‘off the clock.’ Customers would be able to contact you at any time of the day, even on weekends for queries or complaints.
  3. When calling customers, your caller ID on their phone would appear as that of a private number. Customers are inclined to believe you’re rather casual about your business operations.
  4. You would have to customize your voicemail to be more business-specific. You’re friends and family would have to hear you talk about your business each time they call you up.

Benefits Of A Business Phone Number:

Your Business Appears More Professional:

Customers prefer to go with a business that appears more professional than the next. Professionalism is displayed in your business’ operations, of which a business phone number is an important part.

Business lines can be answered by interactive voice response software that plays custom greetings for customers each time they call.

how does softphone work

Having a line rather than a separate phone for larger companies adds into creating a professional experience for the customer. For example; a customer’s call would be routed to concerned departments instantly.

Smooth Running With Multi-Channel PBX Systems:

A PBX system is a private telephone exchange network that manages calls between phones within the company or outside of it. The system is made up of physically connected phone systems for calls to be routed easily.

A mobile PBX is a more innovative form of PBX multi-channel system. It is a hosted phone system that allows you to make calls via your smartphone, computer, or tablet – anytime, anywhere.

Tracking Customer Related Data:

An important aspect of your business’ growth model is your customer relationship management statistics. Simply put, this is the data that helps you analyze what your customers want more of or less of.

Having a business phone number with call recording features allows you to revisit calls and analyze customer-related data much more proficiently. Furthermore, it is easier for businesses to create contact lists of customers who have called in.

Elaborate Customer Service:

Customers are more likely to call on a number listed on a business card or a website when they want a quick-fix or a timely response. Hence, customer service for calls needs to be placed at a higher standard.

First of all, having a separate business number allows you to set your tone towards a professional one. You know the person on the other line is a customer and you’re able to communicate with him or her professionally right from the get-go.

customer support

Furthermore, virtual assistants provide callers with menus immediately on calling to make their experience as hassle-free as possible.

How CallerSuite Can Help?

CallerSuite is a cloud-based, automated mobile PBX and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, provider. We provide business phones and business line innovations in over 80 countries.

From call recording to call hosting and routing – we provide automated services with local and/or toll-free business numbers that help establish your business’ credibility. Our cloud-based system allows free hosting at no additional charges for extra bandwidth and storage.

The question is, how would you get a phone number for your business?

Take Away:

A business phone number is an important aspect of your business’ branding strategy. It provides customers with a way to contact your business and therefore needs to be strategically designed.

It is an important feature needed by any business – whether they’re home-based or multi-national, to establish a good rapport with their clientele and upgrade their operations.

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