5 FAIL-PROOF Benefits of Business Phone Number 2021

5 FAIL-PROOF Benefits of Business Phone Number 2021

When setting up a business, business owners essentially go through an entire check-list of what they would need to make it big. A business phone number may not be considered as a top priority – but it definitely should be.

This number is a dedicated phone number that establishes a communication line between any business and its customers. Recent estimates have shown that over 60% of clientele would prefer calling instead of emailing, direct messaging, or any other form of communication.

5 Ultimate Benefits of Business Phone Number:

From large corporations to small, home-based businesses – a business phone number comes in handy in several ways.

1. Credibility:

Credibility goes a long way in establishing customer loyalty which in turn is important in keeping your business afloat. A business phone number is a part of your company’s brand. Customers aren’t necessarily attracted to innovativeness if it lacks appropriate marketing and branding.

When they see a business phone number listed on business cards, brochures, or your company’s website, they associate it with professionalism. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a local number or a toll-free one, what matters is that it’s there and customers can reach out to you.

2. IVR Systems And Streamlining:

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a feature provided by business phone line providers on both soft and hard phones. This feature plays a pre-recorded or automated custom greeting for your customers each time they call. The system then directs callers via dedicated keypad ‘hotkeys’ to specify their reason for calling.

Once the caller has specified their reason, the system re-routes and directs the incoming call to the relevant department. This is an innovative alternative to having customers stay on hold while the concerned employee or department is put on the line.

An IVR system thereby streamlines calls and allows users (both customers and employees) a hassle-free experience. Caller Suite allows users to set up extension lines for each phone to make call routing as simple as can be!

3. Keeping Your Personal Number To Yourself:

Small business owners might be under the impression that a business phone number is an ‘added expense’ considering how they could list their personal number on their business website or cards.

However, having your personal phone number as your business phone number comes with several complications, such as:

  • Odd Hour Calls – Having your personal phone number listed on business advertisements means you’ll be constantly picking up calls day and night.
  • Awkward Voicemail – When you choose to operate with your personal phone number, you’re limiting your company to your availability. This might not seem like a problem when you’re operating a home-based business.

4. Easier To Manage Data:

Each incoming call brings with it essential data to expand your business. Even a query could help steer you in the right direction in terms of what your customers are looking for. Similarly, every complaint can help you assess where your business might be lagging.

Business phone number providers such as Caller Suite offer cloud-based communication with unlimited contact lists and call recording. Having a contact list allows business owners or managers to reach out to their clients for telemarketing purposes. Call recording allows businesses to assess customer complaints, queries, or feedback to better improve their brand.

5. Mobile PBX Systems And Accessibility:

A PBX system allows calls to be made either within the company (internally) or outside of it (externally). This is again a feature provided by business phone providers that enhances customer care and makes business management more effective.

PBX systems are integrated systems for boosting communication within the workspace and for cost-effective marketing. With Caller Suite’s cloud-based PBX system, you would be able to make calls remotely from devices such as tablets and computers – anytime and anywhere!

Take Away:

Business phone numbers have several benefits that make them a necessity when setting up a business. Whether it’s a local number or a toll-free one, your business needs its dedicated phone number to appear more professional and boost customer morale.

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