What is the Best Calling Software for Cold Calling?

What is the Best Calling Software for Cold Calling

If someone is not looking for the service your business is offering, then there’s a decent probability that they will never land on your website. Hence, you need to discover these individuals and offer your business services to them yourself. This is when cold calling technique comes in use, it allows you to contact individuals that fit your client profile and inform them about what your business offers.

For successful cold calling, you must be using a reliable calling software. Not only will this improve customer experience, but it also helps you to track your progress. Let’s have a look at what this technique is, and what’s the best software to make cold calls.

What is Cold Calling?

To make it easier for you to understand, let’s break the cold calling definition down into three parts. A cold call is a process when a salesperson calls potential customers who have not been contacted before.

Cold calling is traditionally an early stage in the selling process. It is also to be noted that a cold call is made to a person who has not filled out any information on your website, has not expressed any interest in the product your business sells, and hasn’t visited your store, etc.

It is an important technique and stage in the selling process. Cold calling abilities can prove to be quite useful in many aspects of work and business communications outside of sales activities and the selling function.

The reason that cold calling is called “cold” is because the other party does not know that who’s calling. Since it is your first time calling the potential customer, you need to pitch properly to build a trust level between your business and the customer.

The purpose of this first call is to generate intent.  Making this first call is like making the ‘first impression’ of the business in the mind of the customer. With this technique, you are planting the thought in their mind that you’re generating interest and intent with them, and you’re introducing yourself.

What are the benefits of Cold Calling?

A good calling software can help make cold calling much easier and effective. Let’s have a look at its benefits for your business.

  • It helps to build a brand reputation
  • It can help make your business look real
  • You can reach out to new customers
  • There is little to no need for a support structure
  • It helps identify your targets
  • It helps you gain insight
  • It helps increase the conversion rate
  • It is hassle-free and economical

Cold Calling with Caller Suite

Though a lot of people think that cold calling is a thing of the past, but with the right software it is possible to use cold calling technique for your benefit and empower your sales team to fulfill their objectives through cold calls.

Caller Suite is a cloud-based PBX & IVR system for businesses that offers scalability, ease of use, and plenty of useful features that can work as a great calling solution for you. From its call recording to IVR and contact storage option, the software offers everything you need for your sales team to make successful cold calls.

Let’s look at some features that make Caller Suite the best option for cold calling.

  • Call Forwarding: This feature allows your sales team to take calls on the go so they don’t miss an opportunity to get in touch with a lead.
  • Call Recording: Recording sales calls is the most efficient way of keeping track of the discussion that you have with your potential customers. Each sales call that is made contains significant information that can help you in improving your marketing strategy and guide you in closing a deal.
  • Automated calling: It’s not necessary to hire several employees to dial hundreds of numbers for cold-calling. You can instead make use of IVR to connect with prospects automatically. Upon dialing the number, the system plays an automated message to the caller, instead of having to say their whole message over and over.
  • Upload bulk numbers: Uploading bulk numbers for cold calling can be very efficient and cost-effective in the long run. This can help save time for your team against wasting time calling large numbers of leads that are uninterested or outdated in what you’re selling, saving money and time overall.
  • Contact list: Store and manage unlimited contacts in one place and access them from any device at any time.


Caller Suite offers the best plans and features for cold calling. The people who want to do business with you are out there – but you need to let them know about you first. With the right calling solution, your business can improve brand image, increase customers, and increase profits.

Sign up today to avail your free 15-day trial.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

What is the difference between cold calling and warm calling?

Cold calling refers to contacting potential customers with whom you have had no previous contact related to your business or company. Whereas, warm calling refers to contacting a prospective customer that you’ve contacted previously as well.

Is cold calling effective?

According to research, cold calling can be highly effective in growing your business. If you are using the right software it is the easiest, quickest, and effortless way to reach more customers.

Is cold calling illegal?

No, the laws that regulate cold calling are regulatory, not prohibitive. This implies that though cold calls are not against the law, there are some rules that cold callers should abide by, or else you and your business might be subjected to hefty fines.

What is the best time to make Cold Calls?

The best time to make cold calls is 10-11 a.m. Between this time slot, there is a 16% chance of your prospect answering. The next best time to make cold calls is at 2 p.m., at 15%

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